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We rely on the quality of Extremeño food products
We rely on the quality of Extremeño food products

The culinary proposal of the Redoble is a meeting of the best possible products the Extremeño countryside can provide: olive oil, meat, garden and woodland produce…treated with care and respect, with the knowledge of traditional cookery.

The gastronomy of the Sierra de Gata is proof of how cookery can make use of local available resources. Nowadays, when movements such as Slow Food or restaurant 0 Kilometer are a general tendency, the entire Sierra de Gata is a shining example of how to make use of a splendid list of recipes using the food we cultivate and raise in our own territory, where tradition brings us the foundations and the experience, thus allowing us to innovate in order to continue our growth towards an important varied gastronomy.

In El Redoble we rely on the best produce from our region in order to offer you in our dining-room the choice menu from the “larder” of the Sierra de Gata and the surrounding countryside which today, as in former times, we present in traditional form.

We value the olive oil from our regional trees which is produced in our local mills; the excellence of the local meats, such as pork from the meadows, tender beef or lamb of the Indicación Geográfica Protegida Corderex, all of which have the stamp of quality of animals reared in freedom in open fields. The same with the local vegetable gardens which offer us the best from the land, or the exuberant mycology which fills our woods every year with the miracle of funghi and wild mushrooms.

However, we also allow ourselves a few culinary hints from our Portuguese neighbours, with traditional cod dishes so well loved in those regions.

All in all, in El Redoble we are delighted for you to leave us well satisfied and to that end we put on the table the freshness of the local products, adding the care of the kitchen. Bon apetit!