Plaza de la Paz, nº 23 10850 - Hoyos (Cáceres)
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We rely on the quality of Extremeño food products

The culinary proposal of the Redoble is a meeting of the best possible products the Extremeño countryside can provide: olive oil, meat, garden and woodland produce…treated with care and respect, with the knowledge of traditional cookery.

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Natural swimming pools, the Sierra de Gata freshwater coastline.

Although someone may doubt that the Sierra de Gata is a water world, the orography and climatic conditions have created a natural pool wherever there is a river, and if there is not one, man has made it his business to create a dam that permits in several cases a dip in cool waters, transparent but surrounded by vegetation.

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Monumental character of the Sierra de Gata

The unique character of the Sierra de Gata is manifest in the civil and religious buildings, many of enormous historical value, which speak of the importance of these lands in the course of history. In Hoyos, you will find several examples of monumental buildings, where the Church of the Buen Varón stands out as reference to a noble past.

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